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Custom-Made Book Covers in Australia

Almythea fantasy book cover with evil raven women

Custom-Made Book Covers

The Illustrators design custom-made book covers in Australia. A professionally designed book cover can make a statement about the author, attract more readers and sell more books. Our book cover artists design your cover from scratch, based on your manuscript and guidelines. We can bring your story to life with an accurate representation of key characters, personalities and environments.

Cartoon of a bearded, professional male artist drawing


The Illustrators design e-book covers and paperbacks for both printing and publishing. For an e-book you will only need a front cover. For printed paperbacks you will need a wrap-around book cover, including front, back and spine. Each book publisher has a different requirement or template that they use and therefore each book cover needs to be setup separately. At The Illustrators, we prepare your book cover for key publishers like Amazon, Apple Books, IngramSpark, Kobo and more.