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Ninja chicken

Price Guide

  E-book (front cover): $300
  E-book + Paperback (front-back-spine): $500
  Illustration (hand drawn): from $800

Cartoon of a bearded, professional male artist drawing

Custom-Made Book Covers

The Illustrators design custom-made book covers in Australia. A professionally designed book cover can make a statement about the author, attract more readers and sell more books. Our book cover artists design the cover from scratch, based on your manuscript and guidelines. We deliver consistent, high-quality results on time and on budget.

Red Warcraft Orc half painted

Fantasy Book Covers

Our team of fantasy book cover artists are inspired by magic, mystery and adventure. We design stunning realistic characters, creatures and worlds set in a fictional universe of ancient myths and legends. We build worlds that are used to inspire the development of video games and movies. We create preliminary artwork, original characters, storyboards and marketing material.