Cranky Pants

by Ryan Jeffcoat

Girl with red curly hair staring out the window

A conversation about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD).

Dad why are you so CRANKY? What have I done, why are you being mean? Can’t you see it makes me sad. I do not understand. I try my best and sometimes it just seems so unfair! I am beginning to think you're a CRANKY PANTS with hair! Sometimes when you yell and scream, I wish I wasn’t there!...


Four City Rabbits in the Wild West

by Christiane Boulay

Four red rabbits playing musical instruments

Gary Rabbit wants to visit his cousin Joe who lives in the outback, in a place far away to the west, where the trees are huge, and the rivers are deep. His three rabbit friends are coming with him. On their way, they go through fantastic adventures.

Four City Rabbits in the Wild West is a story where you will learn about friendship, helping someone in need, bravery, and you will get to know a little about the Australian outback in the Wild West (Western Australia, Kimberley, Broome etc.) and the animals who live there.


The very Hairy NAUGHTY fairy

by Brooke Rowe

Original cartoon characters, wizard, king, queen, fairy, moose and a cat

“The very hairy NAUGHTY fairy uses her silly sounding, funny rhyming fairy magic to play naughty tricks on all of her friends.

The friends don’t like these tricks but the naughty fairy wont stop!

The four friends seek help from the wise old wizard, can he stop the naughty fairy before she gets him too?”


Carly & her Friends

by Nicole Russell

Original cartoon characters, elephant, lion cub, giraffe, rhino

Join Carly the Cub on a wonderful adventure with her friends and family.

Carly lives in the wild of Africa with her mummy and daddy. Carly said to her mummy, "Can we go for a walk today to see my friends?" "Yes", mummy replied. So off they went while daddy slept.


Beamer - Am I one of you?

by Donna Herewini

Dog illustration with proud mum watching behind with chooks

I like to eat your bird seed it’s kind of tasty too, tell me what is your breed? I’m sure I’m one of you!

Screech!! Screech!! Cackle cackle giggled the cheeky Galah, come fly up high in the sky we’ll dance around and sing hoorah!

Beamer ran and jumped with all of his might but he could not get up to fly. The pink Galah’s sympathised with his plight “without wings you won’t get this high”


The Adventures of Amelia the Mouse & Digger the Dingo

by Tommaso Tesoro

Cartoon dingo with tongue out standing next to a mouse

The Idea to write a children’s book, had 3 main themes and motivations:

1. Teach young children (3-5 years) the identity of Australia’s unique bush animals
2. Moral Tale: What YOU think may be your ‘natural’ enemy may actually be or become your friend
3. “Words”/ Vocabulary extension for pre-schoolers

The adventures for Amelia and Digger, will continue now they are friends, who will they encounter next in the Aussie bush?