Eddie McGuire caricature, playing a guitar and an explosion in the background
Caricature Hugh Jackman as Logan the Wolverine
Malcolm Turnbull caricature, sitting on a brown leather couch
Finished caricature of Lendlease company directors
Sydney boys with the Queen caricature
Broken down Ford on the way to Brisbane


Andrew Hoare portrait

About Us

Eddie McGuire caricature portrait


The Illustrators design cartoons with a stunning likeness to the subject. We draw images in a simplified and exaggerated way for use in editorial cartoons and magazines. We recently worked with Warner Bros. in Australia to create cartoons for a television production.

Caricature of Conan O'Brien

Caricature artists

The Illustrators design cartoons and caricatures in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Our caricatures are used to describe or imitate a person with striking or exaggerated characteristics. We can transform corporate figures into fun and exciting characters. Our caricature artists can create cartoons from any image or photo.

Cartoon of a bearded, professional male artist drawing

Professional illustrators

Illustration of a businessman giving a presentation

Partner with us

The Illustrators develop strong, long-lasting partnerships with our clients and deliver high-quality artwork that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. Our team are committed to excellence and we are relentless on achieving success across the projects we are working on.   You can count on us to provide a smooth and seamless design experience, from concept to execution.   We look forward to working with you.


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