Cranky Pants — by Ryan Jeffcoat

Red curly haired girl looking sad in her bedroom
Sad curly haired girl walking along a path
Happy curly haired girl with baby brother next to a cubby house
Superhero Dad

Can You Do as the Dodos Do — by Matthew St Clair-Wilson

Dodo crying in bedroom
Dodo in a periwig made of purple jelly, full frock-coat
Dodo cooking with a chef hat on
Dodo singing in the rain

We Are More Than You See — by Ruel Apolinario

Seven disabled children arm in arm and happy
Seven children looking through a door with hope shining through
Children doing sports, running and swimming
Seven children in a classroom

Four City Rabbits in the Wild West — by Christiane Boulay

Four red rabbits playing musical instruments
Four red rabbits talking to an emu
Four red rabbits talking to a possum
Four red rabbits looking at a sunset

Hannah The Honeybee Has A Dream — by Lyn Rose

Lady bee dreaming of being Queen
Two bees talking
Bees flying towards a yellow flower
A bee watching a bee movie

The Adventures of Super Butt — by Andrew Hoare

The Adventures of Super Butt cover
Giant robot and a fly with hypnotic eyes
Boy and super ant hypnotized
A boy helping up a super ant

Is Luna a Dog? — by Kylie Nalewabau

Sea lions sun baking
Cute dog with puppy dog eyes
Cute dog scratching the ground
Mum lion giving her baby a bath

The Unfillable Shoes — by Rina Gaudiosi Cignarella

Teenage shepherd boy walking with goats
Rich man in a car thinking about his poor childhood
Teenage shepherd boy looking fondly at a baby goat
Shepherd boy playing in the rain

The Misadventures of Millie the Witch — by Gemma Wall

Gran and girl witch standing outside a witches house
Little girl witch imaging
Granny witch cooking pancakes
Little girl witch with a wand and spell book
Luna Moonies book cover
Five Luna Moonie cartoon characters
Cartoon villain flying a space ship
Laughing cartoon villain on top of the moon