Cranky Pants —Ryan Jeffcoat

Red curly haired girl looking sad in her bedroom
Sad curly haired girl walking along a path
Happy curly haired girl with baby brother next to a cubby house
Superhero Dad

Four City Rabbits in the Wild West —Christiane Boulay

Four red rabbits playing musical instruments
Four red rabbits looking at a sunset
Wedge tailed eagle carrying a little rabbit
Mother kangaroo with baby joey and possum in her pouch

The Unfillable Shoes —Rina Gaudiosi Cignarella

Teenage shepherd boy walking with goats
Rich man in a car thinking about his poor childhood
Teenage shepherd boy looking fondly at a baby goat
Shepherd boy playing in the rain

Carly & her Friends —Nicole Russell

Elephant spraying water out of her trunk
Lion family dad, mum and baby
Zebra illustration
Animals having a picnic

Beamer - Am I one of you? —Donna Herewini

Beamer book cover
Dog jumping trying to catch galah
Dog bouning following a kangaroo
Dog riding in a trailor
Luna Moonies book cover
Five Luna Moonie cartoon characters
Cartoon villain flying a space ship
Laughing cartoon villain on top of the moon

Asana and Rach’s Year —Tyron Edgar

Mum and daughter with birthday cake
Mum and daughter hugging, ready for school
Mum wearing a helmet riding a bike
Mum in a wedding dress holding daughters hand